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Five Questions

Five questions from sinuous_curve

1) Which Winchester do you favor? I'm deffinately a Sam girl. Most of the time he looks like a huge puppy that I wanna squish. And when he's evil... well, he gets about 20x hotter. But Dean is awesome too.
2) What shows beside Supernatural do you watch? That's a dangerous question lol. So let's see... Heroes, House, Friday Night Lights, America's Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, Project Runway, Grey's Anatomy, ER, and SNL. Wow. I have no clue how I have time to watch that much tv.
3) Where did your username come from? My gymnastics coach always used to call me his razzle dazzle. And at the time I was 11 so I added goddess and it just stuck.
4) What was the first fandom you were ever involved in? Harry Potter on fanfic... then I found lj and Supernatural and that's my main fandom right now.
5) What's your favorite SPN episode? This is such a hard choice because the seasons are so different. And every ep is good. But I have to say Born Under A Bad Sign. The acting is amazing and Bobby is freakin' awesome. And as I said before evil Sam is really hot.

EDIT: sorry ya'll I forgot this part --> So, now y'all comment with a random fact about you and I'll ask you five questions. :D
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